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Residence: Madrid

Height: 170 / 5'7 "

Languages: Spanish / Fluent English
IMDb: Link

Puppet Master: Axis Termination · Dir. Charles Band, USA

La Muda · Dir. Alix Gentil

Natasha · Dir. Sandeep Raisinghani

Locked Up (Vis a Vis: El Oasis) · FOX TV · Netflix
Estoy Vivo · 

Economía en Colores · TV3


Dramatic Arts · La Casona

Acting on Camera · SilberStudio

Special skills


By Ana Mills

Mat made his film debut with "Natasha" (2014) by Sandeep Raisinghani and in 2016 played a supporting role in "Puppet Master: Axis Termination", one of the feature films of the saga directed by Charles Band in Los Angeles, CA.

He was optioned for playing a leading role in the HBO's TV Movie "Virtuoso" and also in 2016 played a supporting character for the new Diesel International Campaign with Boyd Holbrook ("Narcos", Netflix). In 2019 he made his debut in two Spanish TV Series, "Estoy Vivo" TVE, and "Vis a Vis, El Oasis" FOX TV.

Born in Martorell, Barcelona, at the age of 7 he became a dancer in Ballroom Dance Competition, eventually winning 33 trophies and maintaining the 1st position in the ranking of the Spanish Federation (FEBD) for 2 seasons. This experience allowed him to run a dance company for 5 years, teaching Salsa & Bachata.

Mat worked for 6 years as a professional magician. Moved by magic, and the need to acquire skills on stage, he studied acting in La Casona and SilberStudio between 2012 and 2015.

In 2015 co-founded La Masia Reels (, a creative production company that works as a film laboratory where directors, writers, producers, cinematographers, filmmakers, editors and actors get together to create.

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